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The following are videos by Rich Rauch of a performance given by University of Northern Iowa's Jazz Band One at The HuB in Cedar Falls, early in 2013.  I was brought in by Chris Merz, Director of Jazz Studies, to be "Stunt Donny" (Donny McCaslin was the year's guest artist at Tallcorn Jazz Fest and SDIJ Concert Series) as they performed a large selection of Donny's music.


The following video of "Analog Soul" is from a fundraiser party Lick It Ticket through in preparation for our album release.

"Firm Roots" - UNI Faculty/Guest Jazz Nonet, Sept. 12, 2014


A major requirement of graduating from UNI with Honors (I was honored with a Presidential Scholarship when I enrolled) is the completion of an Honors Thesis.  "The Way Out: A Musical Depiction of an Artist's Journey of Self-Discovery" is my own thesis project, a three-part work for strings, winds, rhythm section, and tenor saxophone solo.  If you would like more information about it, feel free to contact me.

The following tracks were featured on Lick It Ticket's debut eponymous album.


During my time at UNI, I had a jazz quartet with my friends Mike Conrad (piano), Brooke Peters (bass), and George McCutchen (drums).  The following track is from our concert consisting entirely of John Coltrane compositions, which also included the entire 'A Love Supreme' suite.

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